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Ways You Can Remove a Builder’s Lien on Your House

The type of lien one wants to discharge is what determines how you want to remove it. It shouldn’t be expensive and is actually really simple. Upon discovering the type of lien your contractor or supplier has put on your house, there are several ways you can go about it. Find below things you should do to remove builder’s liens on your house.

You may not know much about this Act, this is the very first thing you ought to know. Research deeply and find the weak points and the exit points of any type of lien. It is wise to enquire from a friend or a relative who has walked this journey I the recent past. Find out from the land registry offices of your state what you need to get it off your house legally. Use the social media platforms to garner even more information on the same.

Lien removal is a very easy task as it entails a few processes and procedures that can be easily done without straining. After receiving payment in full is one of the ways that can be used to remove Builders’ Lien. It is important to note that it will be cleared within a timeline of twenty four to forty eight hours once a request has been submitted to the relevant authorities. You should understand that time taken to process Lien removal differs from one area to another.
Another way a lien can be removed is by a court order. This is done when the owner goes to court and requests that the lien is removed. You will then be required to have some money placed in court to replace the lien but it has to reach the amount of the lien and more. The money that you place in court will remain in court and the lien be removed.

A consent order requires more because the lien holder has to agree to the terms. You are better off going for the court order because you will not need consent from the holder. Another way you can have the lien removed is by making sure that the lien does not get approved. Immediately you get the notice from the holder, you better work to have it proven wrong. If no action is taken, the lien will definitely expire.

Through trust is another way to remove Lien. This is where a lawyer comes in and ensures that all goes well in the sense that after agreeing to pay the money prior to removal, it will be paid as stated once Lien is removed.

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