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The Fun in Wearing Funky Socks

Each of us has this feeling at least once in our life that we lack some kind of kick in terms of fashion. What this means is that you’re just like everyone else around you – someone who isn’t inspired and daring enough to be different. But considering the fact that you’re reading this post, it goes on to show that you’re ready to make that all-important change. Well, how about starting with the socks you’re wearing everyday?

You probably have an idea what funky socks are, right? But did you know that people who wear funky socks are looked upon as someone who are successful and smart? So, it’s true that wearing funky socks isn’t just about expressing yourself as someone who’s innovative fashion wise. There is definitely more to it than meets the eye. For one, it’ll bring a lasting, albeit striking first impression to other people. But then again, the kind of impression you’re making also depends on how you wear them. So, before you go out shopping for some new pairs of funky socks, it’s better that you know what you’re looking for.

1 – Buy the right color for you.

One reason why funky socks are quite popular is because they come in a wide range of colors. However, it doesn’t mean you just buy all the colors you can get your hands on. The most important thing about choosing the right color is that it should match with at least some elements of your outfit or getup. The last thing you want is to wear something that doesn’t match and you end up looking very funny or awkward.

2 – Patterns are great, too.

Another remarkable reason to begin wearing funky socks is that you get to choose some with very interesting patterns. Your choices for pattern funky socks are virtually unlimited – you can get them online or in local stores. The most common patterns of course are dots and stripe.

3 – Learn to figure out how much sock to show.

In terms of building incredible first impressions on how you look, the amount of sock you show in your getup plays a major role. For one, it is best not to show too much of your ankle when you decide to wear those colorful funky socks.

4 – Be flexible by switching your socks often.

The moment you decided you’re wearing funky socks from now on, it’s time that you go all out. It means you wouldn’t want to go out with the same pattern, design, or color all the time. But of course and as we mentioned earlier, be sure you’re wearing the right combination relative to your socks and your getup.

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