The Art of Mastering Internet

Wave Direct: Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Internet Plan For You

Do you take hours just to download an audio or movie? Are you considering of switching your data plan? Nobody wants a sluggish internet, however, faster internet speeds can be so expensive, so it is important to know how to determine your internet plan options based on your needs and preferences. First and foremost, you have to be aware and knowledgeable about the bandwidth of your internet plan. The internet bandwidth generally refers to the maximum allowable rate in which data is downloaded from the internet into the computer. Bandwidth is like a water hose in simple analogy, wherein the larger the size, the more water comes out, and the faster it will fill a water tank.

The measurement of internet bandwidth is bits per second and not in bytes. The equivalent of one byte is eight bits. For example, if you have one megabit-per-second connection, it means that one megabyte file will take about eight seconds to download. How will you measure the amount of bandwidth you need? The amount of bandwidth you need greatly depends on the frequency of internet usage and the number of devices used or sharing the internet. In terms of bandwidth and internet activities, here is your quick guide: general web surfing to include email and social media (1 Mbps), online gaming (1 to 3 Mbps), video conferencing (1 to 4 Mbps), standard-definition video streaming (3 to 4 Mbps), high-definition video streaming (5 to 8 Mbps), and downloading of large files (50 Mbps and above). It is important to be aware of your usual internet activities to determine the right amount of bandwidth for you, and to avoid dissatisfaction with your internet plan. Since video streaming consumes the most of the internet bandwidth, video streaming platforms highly recommend at least 3 Mbps connection for streaming standard-definition videos, and at least 5 Mbps for streaming high-definition videos. Downloading a video and other large files consumes a lot of your bandwidth.

You have to select an internet provider that offers flexible plans like Wave Direct, to help you upgrade your internet plan as needed, and one with excellent customer service to help you with your internet issues. Download and upload speeds are important considerations too. Find out more about your internet options by checking our website or homepage now. If you want to have smoother and hassle-free internet activities, choose Wave Direct. Wave Direct is one of the best rural internet providers in Ontario.
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