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Its always very important for employees to conduct drug testing at their organizations since it helps them to work in an environment which is drug-free. With this, the incidents of drug abuse reduces too. Positive attributes such as integrity, discipline, productivity, professionalism and also the work culture are always promoted in an environment which is drug-free. There are also ways in which drug tests are carried out. This Pre employment drug testing is one of how drug tests are done. The employee drug testing ensures that the organizations will always help and ensure that the employees remain productive at their place of work.

It is very important for a healthy work environment and the productivity of the employees always to be maintained in the organization to make sure that there are sustainable growth and profitability as well. The organizations benefit a lot especially when it comes to the health insurance premiums and also the medical treatments. There is also a drug testing which is random whereby the organizations plan on a random check to the employees without giving them any notice on any test which is supposed to be carried out. When this drug testing is done, the management is assured that some incidences may never occur such as accidents or damages due to drug abuse. Saliva tests and kits are used during the random drug tests since they are assured that they will be able to get accurate results. With this tests, a lot of lives are saved and the liability of the customers reduced. There is also a reasonable suspicion drug testing whereby an organization decides to conduct the test when they observe on different patterns of drug use and the symptoms of working under the influence. With conducting this test, it helps the organization to confirm their doubts about the specific employee who might be suspected to be abusing drugs.

There is a drug testing known as a post-accident which is performed in case one of the employees happens to go through an accident or even an injury while at work. It helps a lot since the organization comes with the conclusion on whether the accident or injury happened due to use of drugs. This becomes a way in which the organization protects their company in case the employee is found out to be abusing drugs. The return to duty drug testing is always carried out when an individual resumes back to work after they were found to be abusing drugs and even taken to a program of rehabilitation. Another drug testing which is always conducted is the follow up which is done to check on whether the specific individuals are still addicted to drugs.

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