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What You Didn’t Know About Challenge Coins

A medallion that bears an organization’s insignia is known as a challenge coin. Coins are usually made of zinc and bronze. The finishes that one can apply to their coins are silver, brass, gold or copper. Military personnel are the ones who started the tradition of the challenge coin. They are used for recognition purposes in award ceremonies. Challenge coins can be used to promote friendship between people. Since challenge coins are considered valuable, they are used to raise funds for different causes. Another function of these coins is to prove membership. To promote success in the military and organizations, challenge coins can be given to outstanding members. Some challenge coins indicate a change of status especially a promotion when handed down from a superior.

One has the option of choosing a challenge coin with color or without. Some companies are customizing the coins so that they can also function as bottle openers. Challenge coins can be bought at three to two hundred and fifty dollars. The price of a coin will depend on the design and material used. Challenge coins can be displayed in offices or homes. Most people tend to be curious about the stories behind the coins which creates a good storytelling opportunity. Fathers hand down their military challenge coins to their children.

Coin carriers are expected to abide by the rules agreed on among other carriers. In the military one could be asked to produce their challenge coin at any time and in any place. Most coin holders are careful to keep their coins safe because any lose will mean replacing it at their expense. Coins can be worn on the neck using a coin holder.

The consequences of not producing a coin when it is demanded can mean buying drinks or performing any other tasks that members have agreed on. A coin cannot be given to other people who are not members of a group. Challenge coins show admiration between members of a group and help a member to feel valued. Challenge coins are not meant to be altered in anyway. Coin holders must know all the rules of carrying a coin. Challenge coins encourage a sense of camaraderie among members.

Challenge coins can also be bought and kept by individuals as a sign of an achievement in their lives. People you admire can be given challenge coins which can be designed however you want to act as reminders of what they mean to you. One can choose to have a customized coin or choose from ready made coins.

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