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Treatments Offered in a Drug Rehab Center

There are various treatment programs offered in drug rehab center and many of these treatments are starting with detoxification and make progress from there. There are instances that patients are given with medications to help them get through the different forms of treatments that may be involved just like behavioral and counseling therapy.

There are three factors that will help you determine the type of treatment that the drug rehab facility can offer such as the training of its personnel, its facilities and the center itself. When it comes to drug addicted patients, there isn’t a one-size fits all solution that can be recommended. For the treatment, this one will be based largely on the patient’s capacity and needs and not on the substance that they are addicted to.

As what mentioned earlier, the first step in carrying out rehabilitation is through detoxification which is about cleansing the body of the toxins brought by the drugs. Throughout detox, it is expected for patients to go through a withdrawal phase that can be unpleasant experience on their part and the worst part, it can be fatal.

This being said, it is safe to say that this is one of the most difficult parts of rehabilitation which is why the subject is monitored closely and occasionally given medications. The quickest time that detoxification is done is at least 3 weeks however, there are some patients that go beyond this period if they and their body fails to have a positive response to the treatment.

Once the detoxification is done, the drug rehab center would now perform a formal assessment to the patient. When it comes to the assessment, it typically consists of suggestions for other treatments that are required. Treating the physical and psychological illnesses and symptoms of patients are all part of the program. Not only the fact that the substance that the patient was addicted to can be eradicated, if drugs are used to deal with the symptoms, then there is a great chance that they might also suffer from psychological disorder which additionally must be treated too. This is extremely important if the probabilities of relapse want to be minimized.

As a matter of fact, in rehabilitating patients, individual counseling and group therapy as well plays an important role. These approaches are very useful in dealing with psychological illnesses. Behavioral therapy is a form of counseling that is usually provided by drug rehab facilities. Those who are addicted might have cultivated a habit of taking drugs in certain time or setting of a day. With behavioral therapy, the counselors are helping patients to see that they can on their own break these habits and function normally without having to resort to drugs.

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