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Brothers With Glass: Your Ultimate Guide to Dab Rigs

If you are new to the world of dab, then you may need to browse the net and find basic information about dab rig options available in the market today. Allow us to share with you some important information about dab rig options you can choose from. Firstly, let us define the meaning of dab rig. When it comes to dab rigs, they are usually water filtered smoking devices used to administer essential oils, wax, extracts, and many more. There are two main parts of a dab rig, including the body and the nail. The body holds the water and smoke, while the nail vaporizes the concentrates.

Because there are a wide array of dab rigs available in the market today, there are a lot of people who get confused and overwhelmed when shopping for the right dab rigs for them. There are dab rigs with huge sizes, with rigs great in style and function. Huge dab rigs are suitable while sitting on the table or it may also fit well in your hand, with a water filtration system that helps in delivering nice smooth and pure hits. There are a lot of glass artists making huge dab rigs with different price points. If you are used to smoking using big bongs, you may feel a little bit lacking just merely seeing a mini dab rig that literally sits in the palm of your hand, but it is a great option if you travel a lot. A small dab rig preserves the terpenes’ flavors better. You’ll also find recycle dab rigs in the market today, wherein water is moved or recylcled through two different chambers, giving a science experience in taking dabs. In order to deliver super smooth hits, recyclers provide excellent water filtration system. Recycling dab rigs have awesome sounds and cool look when using it with water to swirl around and while sitting. It is worth it spending extra money on high-quality recyclers. Honey straws or also known as nectar collectors work differently than other types of dab rigs. Honey straws allow the nail of the dab rig to be directly placed on a glass dish, and these are affordable and portable.

As a battery-operated dab rig, an e-rig stands as an all-in-one solution that is simply pushed on a button and dab is dropped on the built-in atomizer or nail. You can convert any bong into a dab rig. Are you searching for an affordable and high-quality dab rigs? Brothers With Glass can definitely help you in finding the right dab rig option for you, so come and check their products on their website today! Find the best shapes, sizes, and style of bongs and dab rigs for your needs. You will surely find the best selection of bongs and rigs available in the market today!

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